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Buyer is always Right, even he/she is wrong?


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Good day friends
I got a question please

A buyer ordered my content promotion gig and he has not submitted the requirements as I requested
Order is started, 24 hours delivery, I have asked him to give me the right details, like he suppose to give me an original article, but not copied article
Now as usual buyer will not respond
Deadline approaching
I can’t publish a copied article
If I talk to support, they only will cancel the order and there is no other solution
Which will result to a decrease in rating because of order cancellation

So I believe there is nothing good for sellers in such way?

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There is something a good seller could do to minimize this having such a negative affect in the future… make your gigs longer than 24 hours. That will give you time to obtain the information that you need from customers like this before the order timer expires.

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