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I want to cancell order!


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i have placed an order of 3 gigs worth $80

next time i log on seller has completed all gigs and sent me a cartoon picture of plane

i cancelled order and got response from fiverr to work it out from seller

after sending many responses to fivverr always give time to seller for response

i have sent 1 more response to fiverr explaining i really want to cancell! i have no idea how to cancell an order and get my money back from this worker that not producing what i want.

i cancelled order before he submit more crazy work,

i thought the seller puts complete on order after he completes the order , not next time he logs in , this is outrageous, obviouosly the seller puts complete because it will take him 10 days to complete but noone can ask for a refund because fiverr policy is give money after 10 days

i have been scammed and fiverr is telling me to work out issue with scammer!

i feel alone and robbed

can someone help me?

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I’m not sure where you get the info from… But after the order is marked complete, the seller doesn’t get the money for 14-17 days. After the gig is marked complete.

As for wanting to cancel.

Just reject his delivery. The button is right at the bottom of the order.

Reject his delivery. Don’t accept it.

The seller can not get your money if you simply reject his work.

And Fiverr favors buyers, not sellers.

So, I’m not being rude, I just want to be clear.

On the order page, that says: “You work is delivered”… or whatever it says. Below the message is a ‘Got Problems’ button, or ‘Reject work’ or something. Simply hit that.

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hi thanks for your response

i cant see any “reject his delivery” button?

it just says congratulations your order is complete

i hit the “resolution button” strainght away and it took me to robot and says i should communicate with seller

then i hit resolution button again to talk to fiverr and they tell me to talk to seller

then i contact support , and they tell me to talk to seller twice

i have contacted support again and waiting for there answer

i really confused i have brought many gigs before , this is 1st time i want to cancell and for legitimate reasons and i havent got refund yet?

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I’m curious as to what kind of work you needed to be done. You said you paid $80 for 3 gigs? That probably comes with the add-ons right?

If the changes you wanted to be done aren’t too extensive (such as a complete rework) I don’t think the seller will turn you away.

What did you order anyway?

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