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Seller completing order before starting work! i have been scammed,and still waiting fiverr response


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i have placed an order of 3 gigs worth $80

next time i log on seller has completed all gigs and sent me a cartoon picture of plane

i cancelled order and got response from fiverr to work it out from seller

after sending many responses to fivverr always give time to seller for response

i have sent 1 more response to fiverr explaining i really want to cancell! i have no idea how to cancell an order and get my money back from this worker that not producing what i want.

i cancelled order before he submit more crazy work,

i thought the seller puts complete on order after he completes the order , not next time he logs in , this is outrageous, obviouosly the seller puts complete because it will take him 10 days to complete but noone can ask for a refund because fiverr policy is give money after 10 days

i have been scammed and fiverr is telling me to work out issue with scammer!

i feel alone and robbed

can someone help me?

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Be cautious too. First of all try the smaller amount and fine tune your relations only then you should go for bigger deal.

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This same thing happened to me, and Fiverr has not responded in about 4 weeks, of my continually trying to get them to resolve the case. In my case he did half of the work uploaded it and said he’d do revisions later. I haven’t heard from him and he received $80 worth of work.

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Guest mschmitt


Huge problems with the resolution center, as I guess they really are all out for a cold beer. I had now in total 22 gigs placed , with four different top rated sellers. Mostly Backlinking, seo and traffic. None of those “Top level” sellers delivered that what they said they would do!!! All of them mark the gig as delivered straight away, AND tell you that it need time before the gig KICKS in and there would be a result…

Proven to the resolution center that this is not the case, they still play dead duck!!!

One promised delivery of 20000 traffic, and send me an google link where I can follow the traffic, in one gig there was as little as one click from his site. But fiverr seems to feel that the gig is delivered… It is just 19999 short.

Another case I ordered 50 GOV links, total 7 gigs for 7 websites, i received in total 2 gov links (guess organic and not from the seller) . Again fiverr seems to be fine with that. Out of 350 GOV links, I got in total two (checked it with majestico).

Another gig says Build tier one (22 PR9), tier two 100 PR8 (70 were delivered and all pins in pinterest). Tier 3 5000 WIKI links (not one delivered). So basically fiverr agrees with that seller as well that he delivered!!

Another seller, we placed 5 SEO packs for five of our sites. And left a sixt one without the PACK (all sites are similar and have the same age and content) … Here the interesting fact… The site with no SEO PACKAGE is better rated and has more Link, indexing and hits then the ones with the fantastic package. Also here are half the products which are listed in the GIG missing!!! But fiverr is ok with that.

I wonder why??? If they refund the money (in total 22 gigs = 110$) they lose their commission. So I guess there is no interest in resolving any problems from fiverr’s site.

I did not want to name the providers of the gigs, but if any of you is interested in user names, please PM me.


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I am having issues with a seller who is non responsive. I ordered a mini seo consult, she delivered. Based on that I ordered a full SEO consult ($60)… She sent me the same information as the 1st time. I’ve tried to get this resolved with the seller, but she hasn’t responded to me in 3 weeks, and of course my requests to her are unanswered. I sent an email to Customer Service today.

Now I want to be clear about one thing…I have worked with several sellers here and have had excellent experiences before this incident. Not all sellers will treat you so unprofessionally. I hope CS can get this resolved for me, as all I require is a refund so I can pay another Fiverr to get the job done!

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