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Buyer filled for false tos violations


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I worked with a buyer on two orders.
After I worked on some different designs and gave her all the files she said ‘These are great! Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you!’ as the orders got automatically marked as complete.
I insisted that we can still work on the designs if she’d like to.

Now, after 8 days of her orders getting marked as complete, I got a ToS warning and both the orders were cancelled by customer support which also took away my level one seller badge.

I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for about a year now. This is the second time I received a ToS warning.
Even in the first time it happened, the buyer said it was his mistake and ordered one more of my gig giving me a 5-star rating as well.

I submitted a request to custom support then as well but I got no response. The ToS warning which I did not deserve was still there, hurting my gig statistics.
And now it has happened again, I even got a warning that my account might get terminated.

I work really hard here and I’ve never violated any of Fiverr ToS policies. I don’t know what I will do if any other customer do this just to get a refund after getting the work done, just to get it for free. It took away an entire year of my hard work. Can someone please help me with this?

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You’re violating a forum rule right now, as well… by calling out people’s fiverr user names.

You should remove that.

The only people who can help with this request, is fiverr’s CS.

Thanks for telling me, I didn’t know.

I mentioned names thinking it would help other sellers avoiding these buyers.

But how do I delete it?

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