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How do I know if my revision request has been rejected or completed?


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First time buying on the site, and it was a pretty big order for a voiceover, however, two words were mispronounced.

The two words that were mispronounced were included in the order details on the right way to say them.
One of the questions in the order details asked for specific pronunciations of non-dictionary words, which I included the two city names and phonetic spelling.

Now, the order says zero revisions except for these mistakes, but the revisions counter is now at zero and says late.

two days ago asked just to say these two words which are in the same sentence so that I can recut it into my video. Today I asked if the revisions would be made because I’m on a deadline (I paid extra for the day delivery)

I’m in a bind, the seller isn’t answering anything. Everything is perfect except for the two words which will render the whole project useless.

Any advice?

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