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I've Been Hacked!?!


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This morning I had a new user from Sri Lanka send a custom offer to my account to give me BitCoin trading advice. The “offer” was close to the amount of my available balance. It was accepted by my account and completed in 2 hrs! Someone else appears to have control of my account remotely to accept the order and have a fake conversation with this first user. I reported, blocked, etc., and I assume CS is working on it, but the account continues to unblock this user and the user keeps trying to send a custom order for $500, which I keep declining. Anyone have a similar experience?

UPDATE: Thank you Nicole from CS for solving this issue so quickly. My password has been changed and my funds have been returned to my account.

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People have reported this happening to them in the past.
If you haven’t already, submit a ticket to customer support (if you just reported messages with the flag).
Could you change passwords, perhaps disconnect your payment method and withdraw any funds you have? Just thinking out loud, check to make sure these things wont cause you hassle first.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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