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What do you wear to work?


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So now that I’m trying to move on and try to not think too much about St.Levels Day,
I thought I’d start a random post.

Outside Fiverr, I have a job as an English conversation teacher, and we have the typical/standard dress code at our office. Guys wear suits, ladies wear…well, the dress code
for the ladies are much more flexible, but the important point is to “look like a teacher.”

I wear a regular collared shirt but in order to provide a conversation topic to the students, I always wear strange/unique jewelry. My favorite is the steampunk ones.
Steampunk earrings, rings, hair sticks, you name it.
During holiday seasons like Halloween and Christmas, I had pumpkins and Christmas trees
hanging from my head and ears.

Recently I started wearing neckties and I’ve made a few using stencils and spray cans
I bought at Daiso. I like DIY stuff so it’s a lot of fun.
My recent favorite is my tie with cogwheels on them. I combine it with a pin I made out of
typewriter keys.

So for you guys who work outside Fiverr, what do you guys wear?

At home when I’m working on gigs though, it’s t-shirt and pants. 😄

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I substitute teach so I also must look like a teacher on those days. But in the winter I do not sub so much. When I work I wear jeans, a warm fleece shirt and my fuzzy slippers in winter. In the warmer months, I wear capris, a t-shirt and bare feet or Birkenstock sandals.

fuzzy slippers

Ohhhh, our fuzzy furry friends…they are the best.

Sometimes my cat will sleep on my foot/feet, they are equally delightful…😍

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Do you count college as work? I am still a student.

Just kidding, while I used to work for a small marketing agency, usually, I went to work with jeans, and for the top, it depended on my mood, sometimes I was wearing a shirt, other times a hoodie, because it was a start-up, and we didn’t have strict dress code, except when clients came over or we had to go somewhere on the field (but I was an intern, and they didn’t call me on the field).

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