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How to reject a project after delivery?


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Just in case - do check under Buying > Orders > Completed first, to make sure she didn´t deliver and the order got auto-completed after the 3-day timeframe and sits there waiting for you; I´ve had two buyers recently who told me they didn´t get the usual mail from Fiverr telling them that their order got delivered.

If your order delivery isn´t there, of course, follow the recommendations to contact Customer Support.

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Hi @avijitbhuniaab

What type of service did you purchase?

Did you see the delivery on the same day it was delivered?

What did the seller write in the message under where it says "Here’s your delivery!"

Did you click on 'accept order?'

Did you leave a review?

No I have not clicked on “accept order”. It was completed automatically after 3 days. I haven’t given any review.

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