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No one tells me why was my level restricted


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My level was restricted form Level 2 to Level one as a penalty. I read very carefully the fiverr terms in order to figure out WHY. I did not change contact info with anyone, nor asked/accepted outside payments.

I messaged customer support and they only sent me the automatic message as a reply without letting me know why is my level restricted. It is OK if I made a mistake, I am not claiming my level back, but I find it very unhealthy that I am not being told WHY is this happening.

I think its important for a seller to know the reason in such a situation in order to be able to not repeat the mistake in the future, otherwise the penalty itself looses its scope. It`s like getting a fine without knowing why.

I hope you will consider my suggestion of becoming more transparent in this regard. Thank you

UPDATE: Fiverr provided me with a custom reply, the thread was solved, thank you.

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If this happened today, it was probably your first monthly evaluation. There have been many forum posts about it coming up.

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Discussions About Level Updates - St. Levels Day

For ANYTHING about being PROMOTED, DEMOTED or SIMILAR, please do not create a new topic about it or it may be deleted. Instead, post it here and everyone can discuss it together. Click here to go to the topic. Useful Links about this subject: ...

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