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I would love to reply thanks to this topic but I got demoted because my lvl 1 seller requirement is not met because of the buyer who doesn’t response to my nudge. This buyer doesn’t reply to me even once if he’s gonna push through with his order or not that has been sitting in my dashboard for quite awhile. Also, the order pricing is confusing, I am thinking it is a bug or something because the total doesn’t add up to what the buyer’s ordered (its supposed to be just $30, but the total says $50), Because of this I was forced to ask the CS if it’s a bug or the client is a dummy. CS then suggest if I wanted to cancel it, I said yes without knowing it would affect my delivery time and orders completed greatly. Sad… Now, my lvl2 requirements are all achieved but I’ve been demoted to lvl 1 just because my delivery time doesn’t meet the rate for the lvl 1 seller. I don’t mind at all. It’s just that I don’t think I would be blame for the wrong thing the “buyer” (if it was the buyer) did.

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