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Bring Out Your Dead.... (Clang Clang Imaginary Ominous Bell Sound)


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Ok, surely some people should have been demoted by now. Much more importantly, since we all know what criteria we need to meet not to be demoted, some people must know that they are going to shed a level badge (or perhaps 2) over the next 12 hours. - The thing is, will anyone now dare admit it?

For me, I’m at 99%, 100%, and 97%. This means I’m clear.

HOWEVER, I did intend to have 100% across the board in time for tomorrow and in a way, my stats prove an important point. Namely, the only reason I don’t have a 100% response time, is due to 1 spam message which I could not reply to. Meanwhile, I have only had one real late delivery and one brought about via a Fiverr bug.

Given the above, I’m down 3 out of 4 percentage points due to matters beyond my ability to control. In this case, there is no shame in being a victim of the first great Fiverr Cull. What I am interested in though, is why you might be a victim.

Did a Fiverr bug tip the balance? Does your niche simply necessitate that you cancel more frequently? - If so, what niche is it? Also, what did you try and do to maintain your current level?

Come on. You won’t be able to hide forever. Bring out your dead and vent and explain why you have fallen from grace in the eyes of our overlord.

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