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Undo or Undelete Button on Buyer's Request


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I made a mistake for the 2nd time today on B.R.

A fantastic seller made an offer on one of my request.

Unfortunately, I hit “Remove Offer” instead of “Order Now” icon. I realize it was my fault because I was going too fast, but dang it; the system is really unforgiving. I don’t know his username and it’s impossible to look it up as there are over 15,000 article writers on 5r.

I am very particular about article writers I hire and this was a really good one. I had close to 40 sellers bid and he was the only one who read my requirement and used proper grammar.

If you can have an “undelete” icon or temp pause on individual bid instead of delete, that would be really helpful.

There have been other buyers who have posted on this forum about accidentally deleting the one and only seller who had a great bid. They, like me, ended up hiring no one.

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