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Did it! 1k+ reviews - hallelujah


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After 2 years, 1332 Completed orders, and a breaking back I’ve finally done it 1000 REVIEWS BABY!!!


The last 2 years have been a crazy ride, to say the least. I don’t even know how to process this. I wake up and see that not only have I reached 1K reviews but somehow missed the moment thanks to a buyer from a couple of weeks ago that ended up giving me a pretty nice review yesterday.

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 whole years, it feels like yesterday when I would stare with envy towards that had over a hundred reviews. This feeling really makes Freelancing truly feel like a genuine pleasure.

Though I’m gonna have to hold on partying until St. Levels Day but I’d like to know how you celebrated this wonderous occasion? Did you pop open some expensive wine or did you go streaking in the streets?

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