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The Buyer's Area is for Buyers


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Greetings, it is my hope that the admin of this forum and the support team regularly communicate issues like the following:

When I first decided to become a seller on Fiverr, I was very nervous and not sure if I had what it takes to compete with all of the sellers here that have loads more freelancing experience than me. So, I did something that I see newbies do, I advertised in the BR, I knew I shouldn’t have but I did.

I got a friendly reminder from Fiverr that this wasn’t allowed, so I immediately removed it, and haven’t repeated it since. I actually scored my first gig a couple of weeks later, oddly enough through a search and not through bids.

However, since then, as late as today, there were 8 proposals in the BR area, 7 of them were from Sellers. I’m asking Admin or whomever is responsible to really be more active and get involved with enforcing that the BR area is for buyers only.

Posting in the Buyer’s Request area is tantamount to Begging, and it really drops the value of the service you have to offer. It also makes you look extremely unprofessional, because you’re trying to ‘hack’ the system.

Just keep your profile tight, keep bidding, write good bios with your skills and how you’ll be able to provide value and a reason why you should be given a gig.

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Stop Posting In The Buyers Request Area.

Please Stop. It’s a waste of All of Our Time weeding through sellers who continuously violate the T&C that they agreed to.

Admin, Support, or whoever is responsible for enforcing this rule, please be more proactive in this. Either they should stop the infringement or the Seller should be suspended, or banned.

Thanks for reading. Please pass on to responsible party.

Thanks Again

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