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Help! Bought a gig 9/10; gave all info seller needed per automatic request in the gig,


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Hello, having a bad experience with a seller. Checked him out ahead of buying a gig from him: checked out his feedback, 98% positive, recent positive feedback, lots of order activity, etc.

I bought a gig (with add-ons, $35 cost) from him on 9/10, provided ALL the info requested automatically once I hit “buy”, and I have not gotten a SINGLE reply, acknowledgement, update, request for more information - nothing. (And, there was NO instruction to contact him AHEAD of placing the order/buying the gig, in case you were wondering.)

I’ve sent a couple of follow-ups, still nothing.

The gig was due to be delivered today, 9/14, Fiverr shows it as “late” now.

Really frustrating; delaying my project, tying up funds, and not even a reply. In the meantime (since 9/10) he has gotten feedback from others, positive, and acknowledged that feedback, so he is around on Fiverr.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there any recourse, other than asking Fiverr for my money back tomorrow?

Is it possible to leave negative feedback in this sort of situation? If not, the Fiverr feedback system is flawed, and this sort of experience SHOULD be shared as it does reflect the seller’s performance (in this case, the lack of performance.)

Thanks in advance.

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It’s just a bad reflection, too, on Fiverr; if they don’t allow feedback from the buyers in these situations - it makes it appear that they are just after getting your payment (as no refunds are possible) and then it leaves people will a bad impression of not only that seller, but also Fiverr via their policies.

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Reply to @sunnyjj: That’s because the Sheep is one of their mascot images, not because of some suggested “attack” on buyers. Remember, the “Default” icon for a seller is ALSO a sheep.

It’s important to avoid false victimization.

Anyone can upload a picture and that will be your image.

If you’re suggesting there should be a buyer’s and seller’s rating, I know many would agree with that, including a lot of sellers 🙂

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