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Cancellations go back 63 days


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On my analytics page it is showing I have 10 cancellations that go back 60 days.

I checked my last ten cancellations, and to get 10 cancellations I had to go back 63 days.

I’ve been watching my completion rate go up and down for no apparent reason in the past week. I wanted to know why, so counted back through the ten cancellations it is counting, and found it actually is going back 63 days. If it went back 60 days, I would have nine cancellations.

Check on your cancellations and count back 60 days to see if the right number are included in the past 60 days.

You can then count the number of orders you had in the last 60 days and get a correct completion percentage.

Also, if your number of orders is dropping in the recent couple of weeks but your cancellations in the last 63 days remains the same, you can get less than 90% completion rate simply due to not getting many orders in recent days.

It looks like you can lose a level simply by not having many recent orders for this reason. So if you go on vacation, your completion rate can drop below 90% just because you are not getting new orders.

You will need to make sure you time your vacations so that if you are gone and not getting orders it does not make your completion rate drop below 90%.

It is quite possible that a two week vacation or even a one week one will put your completion rate below 90%.

My completion rate is dropping not due to new cancellations, but due to not having many new orders in recent days.

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Yikes 😬

I strongly suggest people check all of their stats and contact support if they are incorrect. A couple of weeks ago my “on time delivery” was wrong by 13% and it was corrected when Customer support reset my dashboard to fix a different problem!

We all know there are bugs and issues around stats so let’s not wait til after St. Level’s Day to complain about them.

Be proactive like @misscrystal was and make your business your business.

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Guest stuartjsmith

I’m not sure it’s fair to make people lose a level due to going on vacation, or due to having the misfortune of having their number of new orders drop, but this is the potential situation we are now facing.

It’s not fair, nor right and shocked that they are doing it. We are either self employed or employed, they cannot have it both ways. Whilst I respect the fact they have their brand to protect, we are paying a 20% fee to be part of that, yet having no say and being punished for not hitting targets. As self employed we have a right to turn down orders and not be punished for it, because we are our own boss.

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I just now counted up every sale I have made in the last 60 days by counting up all completed sales on my earning page. I went back to November 13, which is exactly 60 days before today’s date, January 12.

I then did the same for my cancellations back to November 13.

I then subtracted 10 from the total number of orders I have.

I divided this number by my total number of orders to get my
actual cancellation rate.

I had a chargeback in December which did not show under my cancellations on the order page, where there is a list of cancellations.

I had to look at my earnings page to see the chargeback so the analytics page is correct when it says 10 cancellations.

However, my actual percentage of completed orders is 96.1, not 95 as the analytics page shows.

I suggest that sellers take the time to count the 60 days back from today’s date, then count up all the orders in that time, and count up all the cancellations not forgetting to count in that any chargebacks, which only show up on your earnings page, not on the list of cancellations.

Then do the division of total orders into the total orders minus number of cancellations, to get your actual completion rate. If there is even a one percent error it could mean you mistakenly lose your level.

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