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Cancellation orders issue


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Hi all,

I am just curious how do you manage your order completion rating high?

As for me, no matter how much I try, it seems impossible to keep it very high.

I often receive orders, that I need for one or another reason to cancel… sometimes a customer makes an order and then he is like - Oh, I changed my mind, even before he submits the details…Or another who makes an order and on purpose buy the basic package for $5, when he know this is not the real cost, but knows as well, that we, like sellers don’t want to cancel orders and so on… so many reasons to cancel order…

And then it’s like if you complete 50 orders, your order rating is %1 higher, but if you cancel 1 or 2 orders, it immediately drops 🙂

So I just think that maybe fiverr needs to reconsider these factors…
What your experience is in this case, I am curious?

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