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I don't think I've worded my gigs correctly, please help!

Guest danya_raquel

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Guest danya_raquel

Hi! I’m new to the site and I’m trying to get some buyers, but I don’t think I’ve marketed myself effectively. I don’t think my services sound appealing – any suggestions would be great and I’d be so grateful.

How do you get your first few buyers? In the buyers’ request tab, all I get are adverts from other sellers. It’s driving me mad. Have I done something wrong? Please help!

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Guest uxreview

Hi there. My name is Danya Raquel and I am a published author from South Africa.

Give examples. You have one in FAQ, but not everyone looks at FAQs.

I will share the review with my professional circle - and even my publisher.

How many followers, what’s the average click through rate, and who’s your publisher?

Again you have some info in FAQ, but check the comment above. 5000 likes means nothing because it could easily mean 5 clicks for the post you publish. How many of your fans actually look at those posts? Will you push for that post until a buyer gets let’s say 1000 views or will you just post it and that’s it?

You may use the review on your own blog as well, as long as you credit me.

You’re getting paid for it, why should they credit you? Besides, how would you check it if a buyer doesn’t credit you? Why not just leave it out.

You need a video for your gigs. That will set you apart from scammers who copy/paste gig descriptions.

Here’s an example:

(Don’t use a cheap whiteboard video or a shaky selfie video 😉 It’s not that difficult to make a video like that)

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