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Why first impressions are crucial to getting more sales


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Being a freelancer can be very hard. In a gig economy like Fiverr, you’re always competing against other sellers to make a selling impression on potential buyers.

I see a lot of “how can I get more orders”-threads on this forum, and there’s an ever-increasing amount of sellers who are desperate to get that first sale or to get more orders.

There’s a ton of factors that play a part in the success of any Fiverr seller, but one of the main factors in my opinion - if you don’t count delivering high-quality work, is the first impression you make.

As a seller the first impression and representation you make of yourself are crucial. Making a great first impression on buyers will lead to more sales - there’s no doubt about it.

It only takes a few seconds for a buyer to make up their mind about you. Are they going to order or not? As both a buyer and seller I can attest to this myself. I rarely spend anything more than a few seconds on a Gig before I decide if I’m interested or not.

If you want to make a great first impression, here are some advice:

Have a gig video

Super important! Have a great gig video where you explain the benefits of what you’re selling to the client. If you’re going to film yourself, don’t dress in your gangsta outfit (unless you’re a rapper!).

Look professional, yet approachable, and people will see you as a person they can trust.

Showing a bit of personality in your Gig video is another great tip I saw on another forum thread a while back. If you can make your buyer smile, you’re half-way there.

Have a great portfolio

Another essential part of the first impression, and often the first thing a potential buyer will look at if they found your gig video interesting.

It ties in with the most important thing of all - delivering high-quality work, especially here on Fiverr, because your live portfolio and its content can be kind of random.

That is why you should always strive to deliver the best possible work every time. It will lead to positive reviews, happy buyers, and more sales.

Think about it this way: a buyer will almost always judge the quality of your work based on the last job you delivered. You should, too!

Respond to messages as quickly as possible

80 % of my orders come from custom offers. This means I get a lot of messages from potential buyers. Answer promptly, and you’ll impress the person on the other end!

It’s easy to think “I’m just gonna make dinner, then I’ll respond.”. I’m taking one from the book of

here: JUST DO IT!

We are doers after all. And your delay might cost you that order. If you’re swamped with work, tell your buyer so, rather than ignoring their message until you have the time to take a closer look. They will know you’ve seen the message, and most likely thank you for your quick reply, even if you didn’t give them any specifics just yet.

I also highly recommend everyone to read this post about how to create trust and get sales. It helped me!

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I hope this was useful to some of you! 🙂

What do you do to make a great first impression?

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Hey friend… You are right… I wish for the sucess of your business… And also a thing… We have to send custom offers to buyers request too… Tell them what can you offer… tell your a new one and you will do all the best for that seller…

Best Regards

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