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Sellers...occasionally become a Buyer - tip from a Top Rated Seller


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Hi Fiverr Community!

I’m back for another tip for you to not only keep you up to date on what fiverr is doing from a buyers perspective, but also to try some of your fellow members gigs…a lot of great effective ones out there to help you in many ways. 🙂

This is a suggestion to become a buyer on occasion ‘at the very least’ so you can see how the buyer sees your gig etc. I’m not saying to buy your own gig, I’m saying to purchase a gig from another seller that could help you or that you can benefit some way from in order to see how it is to be a buyer.

Some of you are already doing this, keep it up! 🙂 . For those that aren’t, try at least one every couple months so you can see any changes etc that the buyer is seeing while going through the process of your gig experience. This will give you more understanding and awareness of the buying process as well as finding some cool gigs and connecting with other fiverr sellers/buyers as well.

More tips to come, thanks for your time and go kill it in 2018!!



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