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There's a Udemy discount in case you wish to upskill

Guest uxreview

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Guest uxreview

Hi folks,

It’s a spam message so I’m adding it under “Improve my gig”. I don’t sell anything on Udemy myself, but since I recently purchased quite a awesome few courses, I think it might come in handy for some of the sellers here. Personally I took some courses on design to improve my skills.

The discount lasts until 11th so only a few days left 😉

I think it’s probably one of the biggest discounts they’ve had so if you’re selling something on Fiverr, take a look at Udemy and maybe you’ll find something that will help you improve your skills 🙂

Maybe your New Year’s resolution could be “Learn something new and stop whining about low sales”!
I believe they even have courses on Fiverr 😛


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