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Losing Level 2, will I be able to keep all of my gigs?


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When January 15th comes, I am almost certain I will lose my Level 2 status. I’m not worried about losing Level 2, however, I am concerned about what will happen to my existing gigs.

I currently have 20 gigs (some are paused). When I lose Level 2, will I then have to get rid of some of my current gigs since Level 1 sellers are not allowed to have 20 gigs? I’ve been on Fiverr since 2011, have 323 good reviews, over 500 completed orders, and a 5 star rating, and feel that this is a poor way to treat a seller that has been here for so long.

My completion rate has suffered because of incomplete orders from buyers who haven’t provided instructions, and I’m not sure what my response rate is only at 67%. I’m a frequent buyer as well, and love the site, but if I can’t keep my current gigs, I will be extremely disappointed. This is what worries me the most, and if it is the case, I’m seriously considering hanging it up and retiring from the site. Does anyone know the answer to this?


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