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Do you or Don't you use 1,200 characters


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Hello Fiverr Family,

I have a quick question.

Do you or Don’t you use all 1,200 characters allowed in the gig description.

If so why and if not why?

I have heard that it is good to use all 1,200, but I see some top rated sellers with less than 1,200 characters in their gig description.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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Using up the whole character space doesn’t determine your sale. It is even best to be able to communicate everything about your gig to buyers in few words.

The FAQ section was added to give more space for gig explanation.

I wouldn’t say it’s “best” or not, I belive it’s a preference.

I use all, if not most, of the characters allowed in the body as I have a lot to say and describe in my gigs.

In my experience it eliminates a lot of back and forth questioning before the order.

Some gigs require more explanation than others.

I agree that the FAQ section was added to answer questions on a gig, but the description section can be used to it’s max if needed. Only a particular seller can determine need vs want.

Just my opinion.

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