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As a beginner on fiverr am i doing something wrong?


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hello fiverr community!

I recently started to build up some gigs on fiverr to get some freelancing on the side.
but I don’t feel like i’m doing stuff correctly here to really optimize the job
requisites that i could get! I had none yet to be honest, and i don’t know
if I should quit fiver or try to build myself a better portfolio
in hopes of getting more freelance work.

If anybody has any opinions on what I should change my profile
I would happily appreciate it!

my profile

Thank you to anyone who responds!

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I’d check the gigs descriptions and especially gig titles for spelling/grammar/line break errors. Post offers in the buyer request section against relevant requests.

For the “photo manipulation” gig, you could try using packages (3) for that. To start with (before you have a lot of orders) you could increase the amount of revisions included, though without using the “unlimited” option that some people use. You could also include some before/after examples for this gig, or maybe a short video that shows examples of the different photo manipulations you offer. Using packages (3) with that gig would mean if a user only wanted to have 1 image changed it could be at a cheaper price and quicker delivery than the 5 images option.

Some people say to promote your gigs in relevant places.
But the minimum I think should be to regularly post offers against relevant requests in the Buyer Request section.

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