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Random game: Childhood trauma movies


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Oh jeez. My two are the original IT and Arachophobia!

Never seen Arachnophobia, but simply guessing from the title it must be humans getting eaten by giant mutant spiders like chicken wings and french fries…

Or perhaps a person gets attacked by millions of our tiny little creepy crawly friends.

Either way, that’s a whole lot of NOPE for me!

IT itself never scared me as a movie, but that clown still gives me the creeps.

My former coworker always kept a mug of Pennywise in his booth, I hated that thing!

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Oh dang, he’s 87 now!!??

That is one heck of a good looking 87 year old!

I hope I can look like that (OK, I ain’t a dude, but still) when I’m 87!!

OK, here’s my new future goal:

My 70’s: Look like my 75 year old aunt that looks 50

My 80’s : Look like Sean Connery

My 90’s : Look like Stan Lee.

My 90’s : Look like Stan Lee.

The best life goal ever period.

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I haven’t seen the ‘The Exorcist’ yet, actually.

I never have either and don’t want to see it because I lived down the street from the house in the movie where it was filmed, the Prospect House. I also do work that is similar to that, although it is not nearly as theatrical as depicted.

That movie was based on an actual case of possession, which was corrected by Catholic priests who specialized in exorcisms.

Filming didn’t go smoothly either from what I’ve seen on some documentaries. Accidents after accidents kept occurring and everyone was starting to freak out about it.

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