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Translators, share some tips?


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Hi! My name is Dennis. I do translations and I’ve got a few clients so far which I wish I will keep working with on the next couple of months. I’m “a few months old” on Fiverr, I joined in October ‘17 and since then I’m trying to improve my gig daily by visiting the forum and others’ gigs.

I personally consider my prices pretty low, even level one sellers who have no more than 15-20 orders have some big prices for more words included, but I took it to the lowest price possible and I still barely get new clients. What should I improve? What’s your words-price ratio? I basically translate 1500w/$5.
I tried to raise my prices and see what happens, I’ve lowered them as well but my stats look kind of the same.

Here is my gig. Should I change anything in the photo? What about the description?


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