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Message for 2018 | Happy New Year


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Like I always say. It’s not about ending a year, it’s about starting a new one.

Whatever you have done this year adds up to your experience. Congratulation! not because you have ended a year but for making yourself more prepared for what you are wanting for years.

Tomorrow, I will not say you will be someone new.
I will say you will be someone more focusing to your goals and bring up more hard work towards it. Nothing makes you new, You are already new but you have to polish yourself with your hustle to remain the same.

Be humble towards every one, Kill the ego. Respect your parents. Read more and acquire knowledge. Don’t grow up for taking revenge instead grow up for a better you who helps no matter how someone treats. Cause helping will grow you and revenge will kill you. You have to be better, not worse. You have to be someone that makes you proud.

At the end everything. Pray for what you want. it helps more than anything.

I wish you all a very "Happy New Year 2018"
Go kick some goals. 😉

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