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Logo designer fraudsters


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I was looking for a couple of designers for a personal project for myself, not to make any money etc that’s why I used it.

Anyway I decided to go with a few designers who had quite high feedback from other buyers.

To my dismay two out of three designers I selected sent me back very limited and less than impressive work than they had displayed on their portfolio.

So I questioned the designers work comparing it to their advertised work and I didn’t get an answer from them regarding the issue.

After a few emails not getting answered I knew something was up so I discussed it with a friend of mine and he recognised some of the logos designed by some popular and contemporary designers and the third artist who’s work I accepted actually used a template design from google images and parading this as his own original design.

I understand that this is for 5 bucks but I feel this is not the point. This is theft and clear plagiarism and Fiverr should be doing something to address this issue.

There is fake designers out there now with stolen logos with large waterproof marks over them and claim they own the design.

I really hope this brings awareness to fiverr buyers and hope that nobody comes to the defence as that will be also advocating theft.


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Guest celticmoon

If what you’re saying is true, then those sellers are infringing on copyrighted material, UNLESS they have paid a license fee to the legitimate owner(s). So before making accusations, be sure you have all the facts. Since license fees are generally very high for well-known imagery, sellers may use them in multiple sales to recoup that fee but Fiverr admin. can only be so many places at one time, so you have to let them know if you suspect theft is going on.

If you didn’t receive any replies to your complaints, then document the issue & tell Customer Service so they can look into it.

Most importantly, were you very clear in your requests to these designers? People who create images (or items, like me) that customers can see so clearly in their own mind quickly discover that we cannot see inside buyers’ brains. We can only make something that fits your description to the best of our abilities. When discussing custom work with my customers, I show them examples of whatever I’m describing to help the discussion. For example, saying “I want a round red logo with my name in the middle” is so broad & open to interpretation it can mean anything from a tomato with a tattoo to a simple vector image of a red circle with letters in the center.

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