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Seller security


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Crazy situation on Fiverr with me.

Here is a brief:

  1. The buyer confirmed me about his requirements
  2. I did that job completely
  3. He asked something more on the revision stage, and I did those also. (Also I submitted a list of work I done on the order to the buyer)
  4. After checking it completely and carefully, the buyer confirmed me that everything is fine and complete the order with his own (the order in question did not completed automatically)
  5. After few days back he came here and said nothing is working. and he is asking for refund.
  6. Then I offered fixing the problem, but don’t know why he is not willing to fix the problem, he is only asking refund.
  7. When I asked him to show me the error, he was unable to show me any error the plugin has. Then I resend the plugin to him.
  8. And now it’s been passed 24 hours without any reply, though I saw him online.

And for this problem my withdraw access is limited. So when I asked support team if the buyer hold this issue for long time months after month then what will happen with my complete account access.
Their reply was suggesting me contact to the buyer for a mutual agreement or refund.

So in my thoughts that the buyer is a scam and willing to get his work done with a refund. He will only charged 20% of the ordered amount.

Now Fiverr is not listening to me also Fiverr don’t have any way to look after this issue with a single person and come to a decision.

So is this the worst part/side of Fiverr?
Whom I can blame here?
What about the seller security?

I would like to hear about this from the experienced here. Thanks

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