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Help for newcomers?

Guest cargum

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Guest celticmoon

Hi cargum. Keep browsing the forums esp. with questions similar to yours & you’ll find some good advice.

I think your idea to exchange “buys” with another seller would at least get the sales ball rolling. There’s no harm in asking, right? And make sure to leave each other good reviews!

A couple of ideas that seem useful to new sellers are to make sure your gig link gets out to as many people as possible. Ask all your friends to pass it along, leave it in forums where you comment & so on. If your product/service is in demand, you’ll get sales. I have a really small social media presence yet still made sales within a few weeks of posting gigs because I offer something a bit different in a category with fewer sellers. Also check out the “Buyers Requests” list. There’s a handy button to send your link directly to a potentially interested buyer, but another reason to look there is to see what people are actually seeking to buy, what services or products they need. And don’t forget to scrutinize the competition. What can you do to showcase a unique aspect of your gig, what makes your gig special & thus more attractive to buyers? In many categories the competition is tough & the field is huge. Is there a sub-category with a need you can fill instead of going head-to-head with so many well-established sellers?

Just a few ideas.

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I need help and these forums aren’t helping at all 😦 I need help in finding out why it’s taking so long for funds to clear from the sales i’ve made. there’s still a few from August and I’m still at the same balance and even in September i made a bunch of sales and still nothing 😦 i dont know why its taking so long or if fund have been cleared or whatnot. There’s no help page :((

I know it takes 14 days or so but it’s been way longer than that now…

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