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Topic a Day for November 3: Favorite Feature of beign a Top Rated Seller


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There are many perks of being a Top Rated Seller.

I remain thankful every day for this honor from the Fiverr Reviewers.

However, one of my favorite perks is great freedom to modify a gig in trivial ways without losing a day on the marketplace for review.

Now if I want to take a day off, I can just change my delivery time by a day and go have fun without losing a moment of order taking. As unleveled, level 1 and level 2 even the most trivial of changes would end up creating about a day of down time as the gig was reviewed again.

Thank you fiverr Levels and if you’re reading, post what your favorite perk of being a TRS is.

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I got over 1000+ feedback and high quality customer service, but fiverr said that my account didn’t have enough to become top rated sellers. Any advices for me?

I see some top rated sellers just have some gigs and less far good feedback than me. Don’t know why they was promoted 😃

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Top rated Seller has nothing to do with being a top rated seller.

I’ll never be one because of the nature of my gigs. No matter that I have a perfect rating or the amount of gigs I have completed. Coming from Jay (Customer Support). It will just never happen. It’s all up to the editors.

How I wish I could be one. LOL…

Anyhow… my real point of posting.

@anarchofighter - The ability to modify your gig without loosing time online is not only the domain of the TRS.

I modify the wording of my gigs all the time and never go offline for review.

Just had to say that. 🙂

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Maybe my account was just Grandfathered. Or maybe they felt bad because of all my bugging (Last year) about never being allowed to be a TRS. LOL.

I actually have a lot of cool featured with my account, and was one of the first here, with a private invite on the forums. You were too weren’t you? Seems like so long ago.

Like I said. Maybe they just gave me some features to shut me up. Ha ha ha.

I need to put up my original video editing or special FX gig again. Maybe then I can become a TRS. 🙂

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