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Somewhat Life Story and First Order and Tip! :D


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I’m a fairly new user on Fiverr, been a member for about 2 weeks I believe. Before I joined, I was taking a long hard look at my life. What have I accomplished? How many mistakes have I made? What can I do to make it better? I kept asking so many questions, and I came to a conclusion: I needed to start doing what I love to do. From this, it made me realize I wanted to provide quality services for others. Services like programming, digital image creation and editing, and so on. So here I am!

I started searching on Google to how to become a freelance programmer, and Fiverr was the first I saw. I searched around for gigs I would be interested in doing, and sure enough, there was at least 1 person doing it. So I signed up, threw my photo in the profile, and began writing my gigs. Trying to personalize, yet keep it professional.

Anyways, after getting some gigs up, modifying a few, removing one, I was finished. About a week passed from signing up, and I got my first job! Automation programming, tricky yet fun! I wouldn’t say I had a blast the whole time, but it was fun to write something that wasn’t for me or friends and family. I felt like my knowledge served a purpose for once! Finally, after all those years nerding out to programming tutorials and books, I was utilizing it in a real world scenario!

The buyer was very informative, patient, and concise with their needs and requirements. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better first buyer experience. I finished it last night, or technically this morning at 6am, but it was completed! The buyer thanked me for all the work, and told me it was working fine on their end.

About an hour ago, I checked my email and saw I had a notification from Fiverr. So, of course, I come back and not only had the buyer left a 5-star review, in which my jaw dropped at, but they also gave me a $10 tip! I was almost in tears, as I felt like all of the work meant something way more than I had expected. I provided someone with a service they required, and they were really appreciative of it. It proved to me that I can accomplish anything I set my heart and mind to!

Thank you to Fiverr and to all the buyers and sellers that keep it running. I’m glad I came here to pursue what I want to do. Sure, it’s just one sale, but… it’s a start! I have in mind to add some more gigs, but I’ll be taking it slow at first. 😃

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Thank you very much! 🙂

Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m hoping I will do well. I just need to remain confident and determined even if sales stop for days on end. I’m sure I’ll be able to manage that. 😃

Thank you! Yeah, I’ll be ready to take a hit in a cancel should it ever occur. I’m crossing my fingers 🤞 that I won’t get one, but I know everyone has received it at least once.

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