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I am relatively new here on Fiverr at least I think it is safer to say so. Even though I opened my account about 5 months ago, I luckily got my first order in a little over a week which was quite exciting for me! I tried to get my customer to leave a review but to no avail as he somehow vanished and the last time I checked, he has not been around since. That was quite sad since as a new seller I needed that social proof so bad.

Since then I have not gotten orders , I put a lot on buyers request but do not get response. It feels very frustrating I must say. I sometimes wonder how some of us can get the chance because I am good at what I do as well.

So I will really appreciate your help in vetting my Gig. Is there anything wrong with my Gig?? Maybe I don’t know or can’t see because the Gigs are newly created and they have gotten quite a few impressions. I will greatly appreciate the constructive contribution of every member on this forum. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!

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