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I need your help on my gigs


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Hi Fiverr community.
Here is a great place to ask for advices and learn a lot of things and that’s the best thing about Fiverr to me so far (of course $$ Is the most important lol).
Please guys, I’ve been on Fiverr for over a month and I can say, I’ve been doing fine. I make animated intros and I make logos sometimes, but I’m more professional in making intros.
I have 10 gigs created, for I am a level one seller.
I have gotten some orders from buyer’s request and about just 2 from my gig orders.
I think my gig should be able to gain more orders,or maybe I’m doing somethings wrong… Kindly check my gigs and tell me how to improve them… Thanks in advance ❤️

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DHi @brown_jon,

I think you are doing really well and your Gigs look nice.

Two things I’d do:

  1. Check your keywords (there is a typo on one of your keywords on your best-selling Gig).
  2. Consider deleting similar Gigs. I think although having multiple Gigs like that may increase your chance of being discovered, but at this time, you’d want to focus on getting reviews which in turn will make your Gig more appealing.

All the best!

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