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After six months on Fiverr- 5 thoughts for new sellers


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Hi! Six months ago I signed up to Fiverr. The idea of freelance earn was (and it’s still to this day) exciting- working on your own, the way you want, and when you want. The idea is not as sexy as it was at the beginning, but I still firmly believe that if you treat Fiverr well, it will take care of you in return.
So, for all new fellow sellers, here are the observations about Fiverr I made so far. Keep in mind that I may be wrong.

1. Fiverr algorithms

It’s a mystery. The higher the quality of your work is- the higher is a chance to get exposure and work. Keep in mind that better quality of the work does not necessarily mean better exposure. There are some awesome tutorials and articles on Fiverr blog/academy, check it out- it’s there for a (good) reason!

2. You never know who is knocking at the door

  • Minor writing job can turn into the epic project and vice versa.

  • One of my returning customers never gave me a review (I don’t ask for a review- if a buyer leaves one that’s great, if not it doesn’t matter). The first time he/she contacted me, we exchanged a few sentences, and after initial agreement about work dynamics, we never spoke again. Two or three times a month he (or she) just drop a few links in my inbox and a number (800 -1200). Links are there to give me an idea what I need to do, and the number is word count. I make a custom offer, he/she accepts, I deliver the work, and that’s it.

  • Some people will return you the article 3-4 times asking for changes, make you crazy and leave a good review. Others will do the same but leave a bad review.

  • The majority of people you will meet here as a seller are nice and friendly.

3. Your relation to customer

Be the person your buyer want’s you to be. If the customer uses formal tone- reply with a formal tone.

  • Hello, Mr. Seller! Your work is impressive! I’m sending you a project description in the attachment. Please, let me know what would be the price for the entire job.
  • No worries, man! Is $100 ok? Peace!
  • Hey, Seller! What an awesome portfolio! Let me know if you are available; I have a project for you 😉
  • Hey, man! Thanks! 🙂 Sure, give me some details, and I’m on it!

4. Never, ever…

Talk bad about competition in your gig descriptions!
I saw it a few times, and it looks terrible! Something like: “My services are the best! Unlike some other sellers here, I will give you exactly what you were looking for!“
I’m pretty sure it’s against the TOS as well, but… stuff happens 🙂

5. The quality counts!

Believe it or not, buyers here expect something in return. If a buyer says your work is below his/her expectations, don’t try to convince him/her otherwise. Instead, ask what can you do to fix the work. Continuously improve the service, look what other people offer, compare the quality of your work to the work of the best (if possible), strive to reach the level of gurus and before you know it- your services will be a role model to novice sellers.

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