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Welcome in fiverr


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Hi dear seller,

fiverr family. i am Bappy das. i am new comer in fiverr.

Welcome to Fiverr,


Hi dear,

I realize in your culture calling people “dear” is acceptable but in the cultures of most people who participate in the forum it is not.

Here is an old post about “dear” that may help you understand. 🙂

Using “Dear” in place of someone’s name/username is very colloquial and I thought this would help some sellers with their communication wink GOOD USES: “Dear seller”“Dear buyer”“Dear NAME” (example: Dear Bob)“Dear USERNAME” (example: Dear Bob1989)NOT GOOD: “Hi Dear”“Yes Dear”“No Dear”Using a person’s username or actual name is a better choice than simply calling them Dear (it’s much more appropriate), and it will help you build a relationship with clients.
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