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My fiverr Work Experience

Guest karim121

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Guest karim121

Thank you fiverr to help me build a career in this marketplace. I’ve been a very quick one-seller. All the buyers of this market are very good to help their work. I shared this with you in my few tasks. One thing I remember about my life. A buyer ordered me to do one of his logos. I made him work, he liked seeing my work. She said it was very good. I got courage because of his good words, so I asked him, would you please give me feedback and feedback. Asked for a review to him, he told me to buy the order and return his money. After some time, the order can be made from the fiverr support. Although I’m very bad, I still did not talk about financial support. There is no point in talking about it. I thought that the buyer gave tips too many times, I do not have any tips for buyer today, ha ha ​​ha ha

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