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Why i am not getting orders for any of my gig?


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I’m sorry, but simply reading your profile I can see why people are not buying your gigs:

"i am student of Software engineering ,., i an a lot more then a simple person can do . heehawhe
just order it if u didn’t like the work i will not ask for anything just to serve the world 😛 "

What in the world is “heehawhe?”
“Just order it” sounds quite rude and demanding too.

On top of that, one of your gig title is “I Will Can Do Video Editing Like Movies, Killing,Blood,Fire Etc”

OK, killing, blood, fire, sure that sounds great since I love action movies and the Walking Dead, but using such words for your gig title is a huge mistake.

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Hi Idress,

When I first got on Fiverr it took a while for me to get orders, that’s because there are a Lot of freelancers on this site (which equals more competition).

I also had to look at my gigs and make sure I’m offering things that people WANT to buy, and not that I THINK they would buy. However, there are a few things I can suggest based on your gigs since someone else mentioned your profile.

First, I would suggest doing some research on Fiverr to see what is selling the best. Some of your gigs seem outdated (advertising on a blimp), or too cheap. For example your offering some help with editing special effects for $5, I would assume that the job would not be that professional, maybe amature. So bump up that price to $10-25 (if you’re really good)

Second, I would suggest editing your gigs to provide more information and proof of your work. Your gig “I Will Edit Your Video And Will Add Vfxs” should have more examples of this instead of the “Fiverr” video you have which is used for another gig.

You also have this in the description which makes it look like you might not have that much experience: “i can edit video for you by using after effects . i basically use Element 3D due to which your video will be more sci-fi
so don’t waste time on other places just give the order .”

Instead I would suggest putting something like "My name is Idress I have been working in special effects for X number of years…I have worked to do images, videos, etc. and I can provide you with a sample of my work… I use Element 3D to enhance the sci-fi elements in my clients videos. In this gig you would get (list what the client would get).

Of course, you would edit this to include more detailed information.

Telling them to “just give the order” is too forward. It’s about opening up the space to have positive communication with them first, then getting them to place the order.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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