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Buyer Mistakes Impacting Seller Analytics


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Don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE this platform…but there is something drastically wrong with the way analytics are affected for sellers…Let me explain…

I’ve completed close to 1,000 orders on this platform. Over the course of being on here for over 3 years, I’ve had 85 cancellations, maybe 15-20 of which were initiated by myself for various reasons. Though, the strong majority of these cancellations have actually been from buyers “clicking order by mistake”. I actually had a buyer order my gig 20+ times in a single afternoon (YES, 20+ separate orders), only to have them message me and say “Whoops, I hit order by mistake over 20 times, please cancel every single order”.

I’ve been told several times that “mutually cancelled orders have no effect on the sellers analytics”. Well, unfortunately, that is clearly not the case anymore. With Fiverr’s new seller quarterly review process keeping us on our toes to maintain solid analytics, I’ve been making sure that all messages are answered within the hour, all orders are turned in long before the deadline hits 0, and that the buyer’s experience is a good one. A few days ago I had 100% completion rate and was excited to hit that Jan 14th evaluation date. Unfortunately for me, one of my buyers made an order by mistake and asked me to mutually cancel. Of course, I cancelled the order. My completion rate is now 96%. Still an acceptable completion rate…

Though, what if I had taken in less orders over the course of the 60 day evaluation period. What if I had taken in 4 orders and completed all of them on time, but this 5th order had to be cancelled? Something that is out of my control and has NO reflection of my overall work ethic on this platform has now gotten me demoted and will ultimately drag down my gigs until I can get those analytics back up…all because a buyer ordered by mistake.

Why does a buyers mistake reflect in a seller’s analytics?! This is a major oversight that needs to be fixed! What are your thoughts on this?

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