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Hey I'm a new user in fiverr


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I’m new to this fiverr and how can I get the first order? How can I promote my gigs?


how can I get the first order? How can I promote my gigs?

December is a slow month on Fiverr. Also, there is a lot of competition so you need to be patient. To do everything in the correct way read all of the Terms of Service.


Eoin one of our moderators posted this and it has very good advice for keeping your account. It is easy to get banned if you do not follow the rules.

I am writing this simply because I have seen quite a few accounts of established users being warned, suspended or permanently banned in the past couple of months. I am reliably informed that this does not happen on a whim or without Fiverr doing due investigation into seller’s accounts. Whether Fiverr are becoming more vigilant in terms of how sellers behave or if it has always been like this but people are more aware of the forum now, I do not know. What I do know is that in many of the cases …

Finally Zeus777 has some good advice too.

So since I’m seeing a lot of “I’m not getting orders please check out my gigs/please help” posts again, I’ll leave this here…hopefully it will help a bit. First of all, it’s 100% OK to ask for help and advice. I have done it too. However before doing so, you might want to go through this check list: 1. Did you spend a LONG time creating your gigs? DID YOU check other successful seller’s gigs, their descriptions, their sample images etc and get a clear idea of what a “good gig” is supposed to…

Good luck, I know it is a lot of reading, but it will help you be successful.


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Guest almamuna895

thanks for join,
you can get many idea in FORM,

  • At first you share your gig in social media, friends and family.
  • Active less then 12 hours.
  • Try to massage feedback as soon as possible.
    Try it first.
    good luck
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