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Topic a Day for November 2: Fiverr Funds Transfer Limit


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I plan to do a topic a day in the month of November. Yesterday I didn’t do it forgetting it was November! LOL So I’ll do it from Nov 2 to Nov 30 instead.

Topic today.

While Fiverr does a limit to the amount of funds you can transfer at one time, the limit is a DAILY LIMIT.

The amount of the limit is $5000.00 which I found out the other day when trying to xfer funds. After the$1 paypal xaction fee, that’s $4999.00 deposit.

So, here’s the fun trivia: How many fiverr gig units would you need to sell to reach this limit on a daily basis:

You would have to sell 1250 gigs a day (every day) and if you reached this level of production, you would NEVER be able to empty your fiverr account funds. You would HAVE to start ordering gigs from others :o)

Who thinks it’s possible to get there? One of the fastest Fiverr earners who got to 6-figures in 6 months per the fiverr seller’s report, was selling between 139 to interestingly 1250 gig units a day! LOL

(I think Fiverr may have printed his/her exact earnings so it could be figured out. Interestingly $1250 gigs a day is roughly 900,000 a year 😜

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OMG! That would be amazing if someone is actually minting that sorta money on Fiverr - I wouldn’t be surprised though . Fiverr rocks !

Madmoo - 22 a day is super… and an average of 8 a day - pretty neat. I used to avg the same earlier but my sales fell - though my rating remains the same… ! Sigh! Good luck to you though 🙂

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Guest tn5rr2012

I tried to wrap my head around how many family trees I would have to start to achieve this and my brain started to ooze out my left ear so I will have to pass on the math. Kudos to everyone who can or are trying to do this!

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Hi Charley Takaya, it is a little bit “slow” but you’re not being singled out.

For reasons that I can explain to the best of my ability if you care to hear it, basically AFTER a gig is completed and accepted by the buyer (or by default) then the funds will clear / season for about 15 days.

After that time, they are IMMEDIATELY available for either other fiverr purchases or xfer to paypal of if you have the option, the Fiverr Debit Card.

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Guest emp_angela

Hi all, I am new to fiverr…joined this week - done 3 gigs todate!

So I have a long way to go!

Read the opening post…what is a ‘fiverr seller’s report’? I was interested to read that persons ability to reach 6 figure in 6 months!

Also, what is the minimum funds you have to have to be clears and able to withdraw?

Thanks peeps.


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