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Our Fiverr Success Story - Actionable Tips for New Sellers

Guest ilovewordpress

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Guest ilovewordpress

YouTube - Sounds lame right? I thought so too. Surely YouTube cannot have helped us generate over $20,000 in sales in alittle over one year. Crazy, but true…

We created 10 videos in July 2016 across 10 different topics. We SEO’d each video giving YT exactly what they wanted. Ten perfectly created videos each with the exact right signals to gain traction quickly. We also threw some back-links on each video then waited 30 days to see how each video performed.

30 days later…

One of the 10 videos had 3000 views. The rest between 50-300 views. It was clear we had one video that was becoming popular. We then added our Fiverr gig to the all 10 videos.

16 months later…

Our most popular video now has 105,000 views. The rest between 500-5000 views.

The end.

We run 10 videos on YouTube promoting our Fiverr gig. We also run several auto-blogs, but we’re pretty sure our momentum did not come our blogs. My point is we’ve never paid to advertise our Fiverr ecom gig.

As far as ‘updating’ gigs, tags, images, videos, etc… We didn’t touch our gig the entire time since 2016. Our sales did not change. I can see why it would be a good idea, but when sales are good, why edit. Editing only feels required when sales are low, which for us is a first time thing. Our order queue was as high as 75.

My ‘end of the day’ tip. Once you begin to earn a reliable income online money becomes secondary. Working hard, helping others, contributing to society, out-doing yourself, pushing your ability become your daily motivation. You’ll never become a millionaire on Fiverr but you can work your Fiverr gigs and get those sales numbers up so you can build a good long term reputation. Reputation builds trust. If you only focus on profits your buyers will smell it a mile away and purchase somewhere else.

Happy Holidays and best of luck in 2018!! 🙂

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