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My Gigs Are Never Seen


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I know I sound like a broken record when I keep saying this on the forums, but, if you need more customers, you can always go find them. Market and promote your gigs to your target customers (wherever they are located), and work to bring in your own gig customers.

Fiver supports this. They don’t guarantee sales, and they do encourage people to promote their gigs. Why sit back and complain about no one seeing your gigs, when there is an entire world of people who want – even NEED – your services? Go find them. Take your success into your own hands. After all, Fiverr encourages this, and (hint, hint)… they even appear to reward sellers who bring in customers and traffic with higher visibility in the Fiverr search results.

Fiverr is a fantastic place. But it is NOT a fantastic place to just sit back and hope you’ll miraculously become successful. Do as Fiverr’s tagline states… “In Doers We Trust”.

Go be a doer! 😉

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