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Experience between 1st gig done & the 2nd gig order


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i have been completely new on fiverr.com but as soon as i saw this place, thought that this is what i was looking for my companies marketing.
saw too many beautiful marketing gig, started discussing with few, selected one person who resembles to my origin [thinking is better to conversation]. asked if we can talk on the phone but was been told that fiverr does not allow to do so.
i actually only wanted to describe what i wanted and as writing the script i was not at all known to as how it is done, wanted to know well. but any how though i placed the order immediately but i was not able to provide the material even after the time of delivery passed by.
all done, given & i got my first marketing gig done & was happy. like a small child, who got his new toy, showed to all, send to many & posted on my FB, Whatsapp & all.
time for the second gig. i had told this artist that i will do atleast 5 gig a month & this will go on.
now the next time as i approach, my messages which were been replied in few minutes when he was online & few hrs if not online, took to a day - online or offline. as i was use to him, he knew what i wanted, i didnt wanted to hop on and how he knew it.
inshort, my conversations were only done by me, replies hardly received and now i did all as he wanted, for the same kind of gig, nothing more, nothing less, all same, even the words same all same, for the 15$ a gig what he did earlier, now he asked was 50$ and when i asked what was the difference, he stopped replying.
well i dont blame him.
but i think fiverr.com if can be strict to this issue that the seller cant talk on phone, should also give sellers a training for maintaining the attitude.

now, i have faced this problems with not on, similar situations with few.

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