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I got my LONGEST review so far!

Guest neromare

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Guest neromare

I was contacted yesterday just before I was going to bed (5-6 AM my time). But when I saw the words “emergency” and “I need your help ASAP”, I put on my working clothes, wrapped up my sleeves and got it going.

The buyer never used the platform before. Found it on Google or something. He didn’t know how this worked. Me being new myself, I successfully instructed him on how to place an order.

My gig was about an article, not about a speech. Speech — something I never did before!

I was hesitant, but I needed to help him out. That was his graduation speech or something like that and this gentleman was going to speak in front of a lot of people. A huge event basically! He was super worried, super anxious, I could feel his emotions through the screen.

I did my absolute best, finished it, and I can’t really count the total number of “thank you so much” I got.

I just got my LONGEST REVIEW ever.

Fantastic service! Was able to complete a specific task on very short notice for a very reasonable price. The quality of the work was top notch and had great content. Also, very friendly to talk to, provided excellent communication and kept me updated with how the project was coming along and revised until I was satisfied. I would 100% recommend.

He told me I should offer speeches in my profile and this was my talent or something. I couldn’t believe it.

These are the moments I cherish so much. These are the moments I live for and don’t feel sorry for staying up late and working late!

For real man it was a hit

So everyone laughed at that the bit about the minivan and family and other sections but that baby’s line got the biggest reaction

For real man you should add speech to your gig description

You’ve been a massive help man

Honestly man you saved my a** thank you

Yo thanks so much man

Bro it’s perfect, honestly

Yeah it’s short to the point and memorable

Man this is great stuff 😂

And the list goes on and on and on. I am REALLY FLATTERED.

I was hesitant a month ago about using this platform, but helping people in emergency situations — makes it worth it!

I’m glad he’s gonna continue using the platform, he liked it very much.

And now I do believe… I HAVE TO STAY HERE.

Thanks for reading this long romance. I hope it was inspiring, at least a bit!


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Guest neromare

That’s very nice of you! Long reviews are the best. So nice when people take more than 2 seconds to write it! But you usually do have to work extra hard to get those 🙂

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