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How i got order though i am a new seller


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I joined fiverr in October,2017 as a Graphic Designer and still working from then. I worked on several jobs from october and got five star reviews. I am sharing some tips to get job as a new seller:

  1. You have to be expert in specific one or two sectors.
  2. You have to be communicative and know how to handel people.
  3. You have to send all the buyer requests everyday with good informative description.
  4. Try to be online at all the time.
    5.Analysis other gigs which are at the top rankings now.
  5. Share your gig as much as possible in Google plus and Linkedin.
  6. Most important : Keep patience.

Sending buyer request is the most important part for getting job for new seller. I have got all of my work from buyer request. You have to ask questions to the buyer, Call him by his name, Don’t use Sir/Mam, Specify the key word and don’t send any copy paste buyer request. Thats it.

Hope you will get work as soon as possible if you are an expert in your specified field.

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