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How i earn over 1k per month


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Really I had stated my Fiverr in 2012 but in those days I did not have a good idea how the website works. I just added few background removing gigs and waited for the order and never happened.
finally, give up the process and I spent time on my degree. in my degree final year was 2016 and again I had an idea to check Fiverr and getting started.

When I came back I’ve added whiteboard animation gig. did everything perfectly. I was trying to improve day by day and finally, I got my first sale with a $20 tips.
That day was my life changing day. I motivated with tip and work hard to get orders.


1 I did my gig SEO
2 Try to keep good engaging video as possible
3 We used buyer request opportunity message them to get the order and did the social media shares.
4 Work hard on the orders and delivered timely.
5 Provided something special what they expected
6 Give the discounts as a repeat buyer
7 Provided good service even after sales.
and did everything that I can do for them.

My first-month income was $154
Then it increased over1k within 4 months.
The best thing was I have done only 240 orders to get first $10000.

Unfortunately this year January I’ve suffered from dengue fever and could not able to work 5 months.
with that issue down my order flow and ratings. anyway, Fiverr was the life-changing factor.
Now I’m working hard to get my ratings and orders.
I just need to let you know if we work hard really we can win the game and always respect what we are doing and also Give your best instead good.

Thank you very much!😊


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Guest neromare

Working hard is a code for “the system just broke me.”

“I have to work 5 jobs to pay my rent, when my rich neighbor is getting richer.”

Do you agree?

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