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I do not get enough messages from buyers


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Hello ;
Since three months that my gigs are on fiverr but very few buyers who contact me (a contact per month).
The problem is that I think sellers outnumber buyers on fiverr
Plus a buyer can have a lot of salespeople contact, and I think that’s the problem
I have three gigs on Fiverr
My first gig: I’m going to create a WordPress website
The second gig: I will create logos and Flyers
The third gig: I’m going to format Microsoft Word document
My question to ask: Why I do not receive a buyer’s message especially in the last month no buyer did not contact me? What is the problem ?
Thank you all for answering me as soon as possible.

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Guest phantompower

Are you looking for buyers? If you are, the the method you are using is not effective and you should look for another method… If you are not looking for buyers then the (a contact per month) will change to per year very soon.

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You’ve asked a good question, and this is the right place to ask it. A couple of ideas:

Change the title of your Word gig to “I will be your Microsoft Word expert.” The way you have it written now is incorrect.

Sex up your gig art. That’s your most important face to the market, and it has to be super strong. Your art isn’t bad, really. It’s pretty good. But it needs to be reeeeeeally good to cut through the clutter, and right now, it’s not.

This is and example of really good.


Make her look bad with how good your tile art is, and I bet you get some messages.

Be friendly in your profile shot. You look like someone who would yell at me. Not good.

Lower your prices on your high-value gigs to $25. You’re new. Consider raising the prices on your low-value gigs to $10, just to look more premium. (Experiment with this $10 thing. I’m not sure it will work.)

Best of success to you. We all love it when someone comes to Improve My Gig and their profile shot is not a stolen image of a French supermodel.

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