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A Great Experience-- finally


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I have to say, my experience with fiverr was very uneven at first, I had a seller try to extort more money after a very high initial price, and she was incredibly rude and unprofessional. I then had someone who was clearly an author, who pretty much wanted to rewrite my book into her own version (though she was inexpensive, and had put in work, so I felt it was a useful experience, though I didn’t believe she really had many editing skills.)

This led me and my novel to a much more expensive editor who really helped me macro-wise with my novel, but the price was unbelievably high.

However, after a total tear down and rewrite I was seeking copyediting for my novel and sent the first 10K off in the hopes that I would have a better experience and I must say, I am so glad I did! It was an excellent experience, very thorough and professional and I recieved so much more than a copy edit. I was then able to hire this professional to copyedit/edit my book for a fraction of what it would have cost me anywhere else, and a fresh set of eyes and opinion was invaluable. In this instance, I really did my homework and am glad that I did, as I finally recieved the kind of experience I was really thinking was unavailable on fiverr.

Honestly, after reviewing so many “professionals” who either were charging extortionate rates, or were clearly not educated enough to edit or copyedit (note to those sellers: really, if you offer a proofreading service and your gig contains grammatical errors, that’s just sad) I was finally able to find a reasonable and affordable professional who was willing to put in the work required.

I must say, I guess like anything there is a learning curve, but I am happy to report that I had a fantastic experience at last.

I see lots of complaints regarding “awful” buyers and how fiverr always sides with them, but I actually don’t feel that to be the case. Even though rather than “editing” I recieved a “rewrite” from what appeared to be a romance novelist, well, I still paid that seller and tipped her for her work. The only person I really took issue with was the one who tried to extort money by claiming my manuscript was in “too poor shape for me to do my best work,” AFTER she had agreed to the contract (and had not requested a sample) and then wanted to more or less double my price.

But, my point is to buyers-- there is absolutely no background check as far as sellers on the site, and I waded through so many “gigs” that made my ears bleed, but it is NECESSARY in order to find the professional that is right for you, and in that instance, Fiverr can be an amazing deal at excellent prices! So, it is worth the effort to really take a look at buyers, buyer’s reviews, and to pay a small amount for a shorter piece of work to see how the seller handles the work and responds. I really can’t recommend this enough…

Thanks Fiverr professionals (the ones who really are, the ones who don’t rewrite your work, the ones that don’t try extortion, the ones that aren’t crooks or completely unqualified) and there are many of THOSE, but thanks to the Fiverr professionals who really DO know what they are doing, and are willing to be of assistance to those of us who may not have thousands of dollars to get a task completed. 🙂

It’s nice to have finally found what I genuinely want.


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