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Help me Please of my new orders


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We cannot help you get new orders. And us telling you how to improve your gigs is not going to guarantee you new orders either. YOU are responsible for your own success. If you want more customers, reach out to your customers and market and promote your gigs.

(NOTE: This post has nothing to do with the “Your Fiverr Experience” forum that it was posted in, and has been moved to the “Improve My Gig” forum.)

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Help me please…

I cannot help you. But you can help yourself by learning how to work hard and reach out to your target customers. If you’re not willing to do that, then you probably don’t want any sales. 😉

Hello, I’ve been reading a lot of different things on the forums and fiverr academy. However, I am still struggling to improve my gig or profile. I am new to this website, and am willing to work hard if I am given the chance. Any advice on how to reach out to my target customer?

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Stop and check before you ask for help

So since I’m seeing a lot of “I’m not getting orders please check out my gigs/please help” posts again, I’ll leave this here…hopefully it will help a bit. First of all, it’s 100% OK to ask for help and advice. I have done it too. However before...

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Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

The best advertising is client based advertising in my opinion.This week alone I got over 15 orders from client referrals alone.

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I will remind my cheerful colleagues that the name of this little corner of the Forum is Improve My Gig. It is entirely appropriate for people to come here asking for help.


You have selected as your milieu perhaps the most crowded corner of Fiverrworld. There are indeed a lot of backgrounds being removed, and business cards & brochures being designed, but there are a LOT of competition in those categories, much of it at $5, with lots of ratings. I feel like I am giving you advice on how to sell space heaters in the Serengeti, but here goes…

Your business cards don’t look original. We keep searching the internet for the source of a lot of the art in this category, and it all ends up being stolen. But let’s assume yours isn’t stolen. Why “Mitchell Smith?” Why not your name?

Your brochure could have passed for original, because it isn’t good, but in fact, it has Latin placeholder writing on it. Really? You speak Latin? No, probably you don’t, so that’s maybe borrowed, too. What would you do if someone actually ordered something from you? Learn how to design stuff? Why don’t you do that now, and use your newfound skills to make some original gig art?

This is a ruthless marketplace. No one succeeds here who doesn’t make a serious effort.

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I looked at your Gig and I noticed this:

  1. Formatting errors, no punctuation. You write “Removel” instead of “Removal” in the title, three times in a row in your description, once in the URL (that now is lost) and even in description of a package. A mess.

  2. You put in the forefront one of the least appealing offerings, the background removal.
    Sure, someone may need it but that’s not even a rare skill.
    Consider that you can do a lot of other interesting things; for example all those related to body and face retouching.

  3. You are trying too hard to deliver too much. Sky is the limit, but processing so many pictures so fast, granting unlimited revisions, at those prices is unreasonable. It can’t be.

You end looking like someone that is desperate to sell, and this is impression is reinforced by the fact that you write “please order now” in capital letters, at the bottom.
Remember that saying “please” is fine, saying “order now” is also fine, but saying “please order now” is wrong.

Yet something tells me that you are honest and reliable.

Rebuild your Gig, work as a professional.
Be careful, calm and selective. Best of luck.

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